Marmalade Dance enter students for ISTD examinations (Imperial Society for Teachers of Dance) in Imperial classical ballet, tap and modern jazz.

There is no set time limit on how long a student should be in a class, or when they should take an exam.

Students will be entered for an exam and move up to the next grade when the teacher feels they are ready.

In order to pass a dance exam, students must meet the required standard. Students must execute movement correctly, display good sense of timing, musicality and have a good knowledge of movement vocabulary.

Exam Coaching

Exam coaching is usual on the lead up to an exam and students will be expected to attend one extra class per week for half a term on the lead up to an exam.

It is essential that children attend the exam coaching sessions. Students who do not meet the required standard cannot be entered.

Students who attend exam coaching will be properly prepared for the exam and have a much higher chance of achieving.

Exam Fee

Class fees do not include examination costs or the cost of extra coaching classes. These will incur additional fees.